In alto: Ingrid Bergman e Roberto Rossellini alla firma del contratto per la realizzazione di Stromboli negli uffici della RKO.

In basso: due immagini di Ingrid Bergman dal set di Stromboli.


Arch of Triumph losses were said to be the largest in Hollywood’s history, and Joan of Arc, her lifelong fantasy, had been another disaster. She reacted with depression and heavy drinking. “She was obsessed with her failures,” said Lindstrom [Bergman’s first husband]. “She kept saying, ‘I have to get out of Hollywood. I hate Hollywood… In Hollywood, you’re never any better than your last pictures. I have to do an artistic feature in Europe.’”

Enter Roberto. Nothing stirred him so powerfuly as a suffering, sad eyed woman. […] When she was two her mother had died; at thirteen her father; and at fourteen the maiden aunt who had taken care of her, alone in her arms. Now she was captive in the dragon’s castle, and Roberto saw himself as the knight in shiny armor who would right every wrong and bestow every garland of happiness. “When I saw Ingrid there, surrounded by all those people, I wanted to destroy Hollywood”, he declared.

from “The adventures of Roberto Rossellini” by Tag Gallagher

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